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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Crack Dreams or The adventures of Kanda and Hotch

Crack Dreams or The adventures of Kanda and Hotch

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Hotch - Itte Yoshi
So I had a couple dreams this past week I thought were pretty funny and I should probably share. ...and I have only one thing to say:

逝ってよし (Itte yoshi)

Dream 1: Now I don't remember this dream very well, but it was mostly about Criminal Minds, except that Kanda had been called in from the Kuro no Kyoudan to help. And all I remember about it is Kanda sitting in on the team meetings and out-bad-assing Morgan and Hotch, and not smiling. I don't remember if we caught the killer, but I think he was probably an akuma. Just guessing. ;D

Dream 2: I was out to dinner with emmayori, our friend S from college, prof. Fujisawa from El Hazard, and Sawaki from Moyashimon. We were at a place that looked like Denny's except we had to bring our own food. Prof. Fujisawa, and Sawaki had already brought some raw chicken, and this is when I realized we were going to eat Yakiniku. =/ For some reason this is the conclusion I came to. Also, Yakiniku no Oujisama going on in the background was a hint. I should have crashed their party! What was I thinking? Okay. So emmayori and I were charged with getting the rest of the ingredients for yakiniku, so we went out and bought some red meat. I wanted to buy vegetables, but emmayori didn't want to so we ended up coming back with a lot of raw red meat. S then came back with a whole bunch of scallops. I seemed to be the only one upset about the lack of vegetables, except for Fujisawa, who was too drunk to notice, so I just went with it. Then Sawaki was like "WAIT! look at that meat!" And I looked at the red meat we'd bought and couldn't see anything, but Sawaki assured me there were bad microbes on it. Then I looked at the expiration date, and it was three months spoiled. The end!"
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