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Intensive Care Lv2 - Shinjuuji Tsukasa [high-mode] Scanlation

Intensive Care Lv2 - Shinjuuji Tsukasa [high-mode] Scanlation

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Title: Intensive Care Lv2
Author [Circle]: Shinjuuji Tsukasa [high mode]
Rating/Genre: PG13-R/Gag, mature themes but nothing graphic (Bakura/Bakura, Marik/Malik)
Summary: Yami Marik and Yami Bakura have come down with the flu, and it's up to Ryou and Malik to take care of them.

Happy valentine's day from Mebachiko! scanlations! A huge thanks to emmayori, the owner of this doujin, for letting me scanlate and share this with everyone. It is hilarious. =D Thank yoooou! This is also the sequel to Intensive Care Lv 1 (also by high mode), which we scanlated awhile ago. The link is broken, so I reuploaded it below, for those of you who missed it.

intensive care 1 thumb

Title: Intensive Care Lv 1"
Author [Circle]: Shinjuuji Tsukasa [high mode]
Rating/Genre PG13-R/Gag, mature themes but nothing graphic (Bakura/Bakura, Marik/Malik)
Summary: Ryou has the flu, and out of what we can only assume is boredom and an excuse to make a mess of things, Malik tries to give Bakura some advice on how to nurse him back to health.>
  • Thanks!
  • Thank you for sharing this. ^_^
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH i have a severe shortage of ygo doujins
    • I know, right?! There's nothing out there. I like high-mode, Kegi and 50/50, but the pickings are generally slim. Glad you enjoyed. =D
  • OMG! Thank you so much for "Intensive Care Lv2" I've been searching for it a lot! *¬*
    • I saw that icon of yours from the cover of this a long time ago. ^^ I was like "wait a minute! I'm scanning that!" I'm just sorry it took me so long. I hope you enjoyed it. =D
  • Thank you for this! I had Level 1 untranslated, but it's much funnier now! haha
    • The scanner for that Lv 1 is from Anki-chan, so it's very likely they're the same scans. ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it. The dialogue in her books is hilarious.
  • Thanks so much for sharing both ♥
  • This was so cuuuuute~! I want more Bakura/Bakura!
    • They are my favorite. =3 Even though high-mode has them pretty ooc, it's still hilarious. Now I'm sure you see why I say I'm just bad at cleaning scans. ^^; I bow to your skills. But since then, I did go on an internet font rampage. I have better ones, now, so maybe I get points for that at least.

    You just made an already amazing day a thousand times more amazing. I love you so much for this. I've been wanting to get my hands on this for the longest time, and I'm just in heaven now. First off, it's nigh impossible to find good scanlations. Second off, this is just too freaking cute, adorable, funny, and just perfect, so I'm so so so grateful to you for scanning, translating, and sharing! God, you're amazing. Thank you!!! &hearts
    • haha. wow! <3 You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it so much. =D As pretty as the art is in these books, I really thought the best part of her books is the dialogue, so it really needed to be scanlated. Her Ryou is such a sadist, and her Malik is just a spaz, it's great. XD
  • thanks!! this looks good!!
  • ?

    Ah, I so want to read these, but my ZIP extractor is stubbornly requesting a password. Is there one, or is my computer just being a douche? XD
    • Re: ?

      They're just regular zip files. ^^; They're not even in WinRar format, so you shouldn't have any problems opening them. Are you sure it's not the password for the WinZip program itself? I wish I could be more help.
  • Squee~! Thanks for sharing this! I didn't even know there was a second one until I found this! It's hilarious and I absolutely love the art style! x3
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