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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Cactus Hats

Cactus Hats

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The lawn won
I bring you....

cactus 2

Yes. Cactus hats. This past friday, skourja came over and we made accessories for our cacti. I intend to keep making more things to put on them, but this is what we have so far. I particularly liked the cowboy hat, but I am biased. And just in case you didn't get the reference:

riko manga
Now you do.


paperboy cactus

beach cactus

I wish that all cacti had hats. I just want to put hats on all of them!! *hugs cacti* =3
  • (no subject) - megu_megu
    • Poor hisoka. =D Although a cactus with a cowboy hat is better than just a cactus. Or maybe it isn't. I'm not sure now...
  • looks like a fun project. and the hats are very cute!
    • haha, it was fun. I'm surprised you didn't comment on something about me hugging the cactus. =D I thought for sure either you or greenicemice would tease me about that.
      • no...cacti are too prickly to hug. I know you like your pets but I assumed that you still valued your skin too.
  • Too cute.

    Are you still in Phoenix? I'll have to meet up with you after graduation.
    • yeah! I'm still in phoenix, although only until july, we should get together at some point. I wish I could come back for graduation, that really is coming up, isn't it? I'm really excited for you! =D
  • LOL! That Cactus looks cute and funny xDD
  • The first one is probably the best, but the caption definitely helps it! Gotta love cacti that learn a little language... XD

    Maybe add some spurs?
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