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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Renco [7sec] - playroom (scanlation)

Renco [7sec] - playroom (scanlation)

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Title: playroom
Author [Circle]: Renco [7sec]
Rating: PG/worksafe (Spanner/Shoichi)
Summary A bittersweet story in three parts where Spanner reflects on his relationship with Shoichi through time.

Here we are, Mebachiko! Scanlations, out with more スパ正 love! I was kinda disappointed at how worksafe this was... just another sign my love for this pairing is unhealthy. Oh! Also, do you know what I want to know? Who decided to make Spanner's name into "48"? Renco has proposed an alternate option that I like quite a lot better. Do you think S87 might catch on? ^^ I think it's cute, but maybe that's just me.
  • Yay SpaSho~!

    LOL, how is Spanner 48? I've never even heard of that...I don't know about S87 tho...
    • I know! I can't figure it out either! Where does it come from?! *strokes chin pensively*

      Isn't S87 cute, though? I mean, if you're going to give him a number. Because of how he writes his name in Japanese. Suhana. ^^ No? It wasn't my idea. I just like it. =3
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