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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick] - Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo (scanlation)

Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick] - Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo (scanlation)

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Title: Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo
Author [Circle]: Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick]
Rating/Genre: R/Gag (Spanner/Shoichi, 10051)
Summary: A series of hilarious Millifiore-centric comics featuring Shoichi, Spanner and Byakuran.

I'm really churning them out this week for Mebachiko! Scanlations, huh? A big thank you to tsubon for this doujinshi!! It was just about the most hilarious thing ever, so I had to scanlate it. スパ正 is so rare! <3 Spanner is such a dork in this, I love him. Enjoy!
  • Ahaha, the marshmallow is still my favorite! XD How many sexual harassment lawsuits do you think Byakuran gets in a day?

    They're all dorks in this. I'm glad you like this doujinshi! :D
  • thanks a lot!
  • Thank you for this! HAHA, IT MADE ME LAUGH REALLY HARD. Even if it wasn't the most in-character story, I really enjoyed it for the laughs. I mean, especially Byakuran getting deported; I couldn't stop cracking up.
    • haha, I'm glad! I think Byakuran and Shoichi are just too funny. Fandom!Byakuran is in a class all his own. He's such a loveable perv, but there's nothing canon about him. ^^;;
  • I read this and I choke and the coke I'm drinking is all over my pajamas. Seriously, Shouichi is one hot stuff! XDD
    Thanks for sharing this scan~
    • Nooo, don't choke! I'm glad that you enjoyed the lols. <3 I also think Shoichi is hot stuff. I'd like to second that statement OVER 9000 times. XD
  • Thank you!!

    OMG I enjoyed every panel of it!! Thank you so much!!
    Hooray for Fandom!Byakuran XD
  • *_____* γ51 image..... my not-so-secret kink. <3

    THANK YOU~!!
    • hahahaha. ^^ Yeah, that took me a bit by surprise, too, but *fans self* yeah. That picture was a little bit hot.
  • Thank you!
  • You've just installed new idea on my head, GammaXShouichi, oh well, thank you very much.
  • I really really want to download this but i'm having trouble doing so for some reason... :(
  • Dear placidmage

    My name is _Sora_ and I'm from Shounen-ai FC of VNSharing.net group. (http://www.vnsharing.net)

    Today I send this letter to ask for your permission to translate your scanlation. It's awesome! Thank you so much for the scanlation ^^
    I laugh and cry at the same time :D

    I want to ask if i could use your work to re-translate and re-edit into Vietnamese ? Of course, I would give all of credits for your scanlation group and all links to your website. I only get the Vietnamese translation credits. If you're agreed, that would be big helps and I approciate that for your hard work and helping me so much.

    If not, its really sad for me, but I could understand the reason. If that happens, I still thank you for reading this letter.

    *And one more thing. If you agreed me to translate them into Vietnamese, is that ok if from now on, I can continue use your work to re-translate without going through letters of permissions again. It would be easier for both of us and wont disturb your time anymore. If its also ok with you guys, that would be so great.

    Have a nice day,


    • Re: Dear placidmage

      Sorry for the late reply! You're welcome to take the scans and translate them into vietnamese. Unfortunately, I can only allow you to use all the scans I (placidmage) do personally, as the people within our scan group work separately. If you have any doubts, you should ask the person who has scanned and edited the work.

      Don't worry about crediting for the translation to English, just make sure you credit the scanner/editor (in this case, me) and Mebachiko Scanlations. Thanks very much for asking. It is greatly appreciated!

      Happy translating!

  • Thank you
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