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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick] - Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo (scanlation)

Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick] - Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo (scanlation)

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Title: Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo
Author [Circle]: Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick]
Rating/Genre: R/Gag (Spanner/Shoichi, 10051)
Summary: A series of hilarious Millifiore-centric comics featuring Shoichi, Spanner and Byakuran.

I'm really churning them out this week for Mebachiko! Scanlations, huh? A big thank you to tsubon for this doujinshi!! It was just about the most hilarious thing ever, so I had to scanlate it. スパ正 is so rare! <3 Spanner is such a dork in this, I love him. Enjoy!
  • Re: Dear placidmage

    Sorry for the late reply! You're welcome to take the scans and translate them into vietnamese. Unfortunately, I can only allow you to use all the scans I (placidmage) do personally, as the people within our scan group work separately. If you have any doubts, you should ask the person who has scanned and edited the work.

    Don't worry about crediting for the translation to English, just make sure you credit the scanner/editor (in this case, me) and Mebachiko Scanlations. Thanks very much for asking. It is greatly appreciated!

    Happy translating!

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