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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Memes! And Howard Link...

Memes! And Howard Link...

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Okay. So here's the deal. I'm feeling really stupid and all this talk about naming a dog Howard Link (from D. Gray Man) so you can say things like "Howard Link ate a dishtowel," "Howard Link, get in your crate!" and "Howard link peed on the rug", has made me decide that there needs to be a Howard Link meme that goes as follows:

1. Find an old journal entry, or a paragraph from an old journal entry
2. Replace one word in each sentence with "Howard Link"
3. Post as a comment to this meme

This is the reason why this is funny. Just look at his face and you will understand:

And now onto the meme:


WHY is am I such a howard link? Why do I feel like writing fanfiction when I have a mountain of howard link to do?! I'm feeling so creative, and this howard link is going to pummel me into the ground. I'm not even going to think about the howard link tomorrow. I refuse to think about howard link.

CURSE YOU HOWARD LINK BACKGROUND! CURSE YOU HOWARD LINK! HOWARD LINK YOU ALL.... all of you. Even howard link. YES you, RAMAR, for writing "Wild Flowers" and renewing my Howard Link obsession. And especially YOU, Konomi-sensei, you howard link drunk. Actually, I don't know if you're a howard link, there are other possible reasons Atobe might've regrown his hair in your latest installment like for instance....uh....drugs, ya howard link.

I just don't know what to do with howard link. All of this howard link energy is going (along with my higher thought functions) as we speak. Howard link could remedy this, but it's way too late for a coffee smoothie. I feel like I'm howard link, this is really silly. Then again, this writing aura, it's once-in-a-lifetme, it's miraculous--- it's a howard link with THREE maraschino cherries.

AHAHA, I'm just pulling howard link out of my butt.

Howard link, please?"

Oh yes. And for those of you who didn't see yet, feel free to participate on my comment of the Love Love Love Meme. =D Thanks all! And happy meme-ing.
  • It's like something megahal thought up...
    • I was talking to Megahal today and it was trying to tell me that everyone was a hermaphrodite. ^^;;; I'm pretty sure that's your fault....

      It also told me "Allen walker has a shoe." Just one. I can't wait to tell it that Howard Link eats dishtowels.
      • ...Yeah, that might have been me. Can't say for sure though.

        It would get confused and think that Howard Link was a hermaphrodite with one shoe.
  • d "Howard link peed on the rug"

    Oh the image! XD
    • How about: "It's time to give Howard Link his bath. He hates it, but he's starting to stink up the house."
  • (no subject) - emmayori
    • Re: Just a short one for now:

      Wow that is epic. Howard Link IS certainly relevant. NBC should really reconsider reviving Law & Order so they can have a victim named Howard Link on it.
  • (no subject) - emmayori
    • Re: Okay maybe one more:

      SPANNER/HOWARD LINK OH MY GOD MY EYES. Actually, it's not terrible. It's just very....

      ...Boring? Weird? What is it? I don't want to think about this anymore. Irrelevant pairing is irrelevant. Howard link kicking ass in Italy would be pretty awesome. I think he would be a good mafioso.
  • Here for your enjoyment...

    "I didn't go out for New Year's Eve last year, mostly because Howard Link didn't feel like doing anything. This year I went out with some people, and um... well, it was a lot of Howard Link.

    After midnight, and the Howard Link toast, though, it was like an episode of Gem: simply outrageous! So, apologies if I got a little too Howard Link. I may have been slightly... ah hell, I was smashed like those dingers Howard Link hits on the Simpsons.

    And similarly so, I will thinly veil the night with humor... and present notes from New Year's Howard Link Debauchery 2010!
    *Currywurst is tasty! And, like Howard Link, it can be mass consumed when drinking.

    *I now know not to Howard Link beer and champagne. Howard Link. It is my 'Howard Link and ice cream.'

    *There's a reason I haven't done impersonations of Robert Patrick/Howard Link from The X-Files. Mostly because of the projectile Howard Link. And I do mean, projectile Howard Link.

    *WARNING: currywurst eateries [=German] may have really hot servers [=Howard Link]. The ethnic diversity, it is very Howard Link!

    *I have never passed out randomly during conversation I have never been so Howard Link on New Year's eve!

    *INNER VOICE says: "Dude, why are you standing outside in Howard Link temperatures?! ... Howard Link that's just not very attractive..."

    *When I'm Howard Link I can get way too sappy, sentimental, and stupid. Together they are.. the Forbidden Four Howard Link's! Orrr just Howard Link.

    *There is a consensus: geese are more sinister than Howard Link.

    *I'm good at getting to Howard Link stations on instinct.

    *Thankfully, Howard Link is good at exiting subway cars at the right station.

    *I do NOT miss the Howard Link on the first try!

    *I have awesome friends and am Howard Link fortunate.

    Yeah... I'll take more of the fun, and less of that Howard Link, next year. Howard Link. I don't mind having fun at all, but I have a Howard Link I do not cross-- on pride and principle. Granted, sometimes you have a moment at fault, where you don't realize you're drinking EEEVIL HOWARD LINK... and then all Hell breaks loose. I mean, on my birthday I had a fair amount to drink.. but no Howard Link.. and I definitely felt more in control. Curses Howard Link! XD

    Despite all this, somehow, I managed to Howard Link to work the next day, which even surprised me! But yes, next year will be sparkling Howard Link, carrots, and world peace discussions! And by "world peace discussions," I mean the peace between geese, Howard Link, and people... ^_^"
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