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Hey, I almost had a thought.

Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick] - Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo (scanlation)

Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick] - Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo (scanlation)

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Title: Boku to Marshmallow to CandyRobo
Author [Circle]: Satoru Ryuka [Jerk Trick]
Rating/Genre: R/Gag (Spanner/Shoichi, 10051)
Summary: A series of hilarious Millifiore-centric comics featuring Shoichi, Spanner and Byakuran.

I'm really churning them out this week for Mebachiko! Scanlations, huh? A big thank you to tsubon for this doujinshi!! It was just about the most hilarious thing ever, so I had to scanlate it. スパ正 is so rare! <3 Spanner is such a dork in this, I love him. Enjoy!
  • I read this and I choke and the coke I'm drinking is all over my pajamas. Seriously, Shouichi is one hot stuff! XDD
    Thanks for sharing this scan~
    • Nooo, don't choke! I'm glad that you enjoyed the lols. <3 I also think Shoichi is hot stuff. I'd like to second that statement OVER 9000 times. XD
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